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If you’ve recently been diagnosed with arthritis and are uncertain about your next steps, or if you’re experiencing joint changes that are slowing you down, Pilates could be the ideal next move for you. Research consistently highlights that movement and strength form the foundation of effective arthritis treatment, effectively slowing down its progression.

At Physiotherapy@Carefirst in New Plymouth, Taranaki, we specialize in Pilates as a targeted solution. Our approach involves building strength around major joints and muscle groups while preserving essential range of motion. This, in turn, can alleviate the pain and stiffness often associated with arthritis.

Embark on a journey toward arthritis management and improved well-being with our dedicated team of professionals. Whether you’re a Pilates novice or have prior experience, our classes are tailored to address the unique needs that come with arthritis. Take charge of your health and contact us today to learn more about how Pilates at Physiotherapy@Carefirst can be a game-changer in your arthritis management plan.

Explore the Pilates offerings at Physiotherapy@Carefirst in New Plymouth, Taranaki:

Beginner-Friendly Pilates:

In our entry-level Pilates classes, we place a strong emphasis on fundamental movements and maintaining proper body positioning. It’s an excellent way to initiate your Pilates journey, even if you’re a newcomer to this practice.

Progressive Pilates:

As you advance through the Pilates levels at Physiotherapy@Carefirst in New Plymouth, Taranaki, you’ll discover how targeted exercises can contribute to arthritis management. This exciting aspect of Pilates practice is designed to empower you as you reach new heights in your well-being journey.
If you’re in New Plymouth or the wider Taranaki region and are eager to address arthritis concerns, connect with us at Physiotherapy@Carefirst.

We’re dedicated to supporting you on your path to enhanced well-being and eagerly anticipate your visit to our facility. Reach out today to discover how Pilates at Physiotherapy@Carefirst can significantly impact your life, especially if you’re dealing with arthritis.