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Mobilisations and Manipulations are Physiotherapy interventions used to regain pain free flexibility in stiff and sore joints. Our Physiotherapist’s have completed additional studies in mobilisations and post graduate studies in spinal manipulations. Manipulation has been extensively researched and is proven to reduce pain and stiffness associated with spinal and joint injuries.

Mobilisations involves stretching a specific targeted joint with the purpose of gaining a sustained and lasting increase in movement at that joint. This technique is pain free and comfortable. Mobilsiations encourage remodeling of the tissue around the joint allowing it to move and glide as it would prior to injury.

Mobilsiations can be progressed to manipulations. Manipulations involve a high velocity small movement which will often result in a cavitation perceived as a click. The cavitation has been proven to reduce associated joint pain and reduce joint stiffness.

Mobilsiations and manipulations are two of many tools that your Physiotherapist will use to rehabilitate you from injury. Ask your Physiotherapist whether mobilsiations and manipulations will be effective for you.