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COVID 19 Info

COVID 19 Protection Framework, or the “Traffic Light System”

We remain open under Traffic Light Red setting and continue to follow MOH and Physio NZ guidelines.

We will continue with our detailed COVID19 /flu screening questions and mask use and we can continue to treat all patients, regardless of Vaccination status.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic:

[email protected]
Phone: 06 7534702
Email: [email protected]



Our Physiotherapist provide injury rehabilitation via home or gym based exercise programmes as part of your tailored rehabilitation plan. Our Physiotherapist’s have completed additional education and post graduate studies in exercise rehabilitation. Gym based and home based rehabilitation has been extensively researched and is proven to reduce pain associated with injury and return you to the activities and sports you enjoy.

[email protected] have a relationship with several gyms in New Plymouth and each of our Physiotherapist attend gyms with clients throughout the week. Gym based rehabilitation provides an ideal environment to complete a structured functional strength and mobility programme. Patients may be prescribed a gym programme and taught correct exercise technique which can be reviewed and progressed by your Physiotherapist and progressed to unsupervised sessions when safe.

Clinic based rehabilitation plans often include home based exercises. This involves exercises specific to the rehabilitation of your injury which is created with our specialist software with a description and image. Your Physiotherapist will then progress these as your injuries recover and you make strength and mobility improvements.

Home and gym-based rehabilitation are a great recovery tool in returning you to the activities important to you. Ask your Physiotherapist whether home and gym-based rehabilitation will be effective for you.