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Poor posture can lead to a variety of abnormal stressors and strains to be forced on the body, which may result in pain. Poor posture can result in Cervical, Thoracic and lumbar spine pain but also hip, shoulder, wrist and elbow problems and pain.

An example of poor posture is the relatively new phenomen of “Gaming Posture” where the “Gamers” spine ends up flexed forward towards the screen or TV, which places abnormal stress on all portions of the spine.

Physiotherapy@Carefirst can help patients posture and pain by first identifying the incorrect posture and then focusing the treatment on correcting the poor posture with a combination of “hands on/manual therapy” and rehabilitation exercises which are specifically based on the assessment findings.
Additionally, an Ergonomic assessment of your work station/desk can also be extremely useful in identifying any potential issues with the work place ergonomics that might be causing your poor posture and resultant pain.