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Sometimes the Occupations we have place some additional and potentially excessive stress and strains on body, which can results on pain and injury.

Physiotherapy@Carefirst can help you manage these injuries by identify the structure that has been injured and starting appropriate rehabilitation/treatment. The key to a Occupational injury is to identify the key cause for the injury, whether it be a poor seated position in the office or truck, or a poor laptop/keyboard set up and altering these biomechanical factors to minimise the excessive stress on the body.

Along with these Occupational injuries, Physiotherapy@Carefirst can treat all the common strains and sprains and muscle tears such as ankle, knee, hip, shoulder injuries along with the common muscle tears such as hamstring and calf tears. The key to successful outcome with these is early intervention, so the sooner we can assess your injury and start the appropriate, patient specific treatment the better your outcome will be.

Knee and ankle strains sometimes require moonboots and knee braces to help start he healing process and help reduce pain and Physiotherapy@Carefirst have a wide range of moonboots and knee braces.

If an xray is required for any of your sprains or sprains, we can organise this as well.