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Unfortunately some injuries require surgical intervention to rectify your injury and return you to the sports and activities you enjoy. Physiotherapy@Carefirst will take care of you and your injury throughout the process from gaining an accurate diagnosis, referring for imaging and to an Orthopedic specialist and provide pre and post operative rehabilitation via home or gym-based programmes.

Preoperative rehabilitation is an important component in the rehabilitation of injuries. Simply, the stronger and more mobile an injury is preoperative the better the post operative outcome. Preoperative rehabilitation involves resting the injury when appropriate with assistive aids such as crutches, moonboots and braces which we have available in the clinic. Patients are given manual therapy (hands on therapy) and home exercises to regain strength and movement as close to your preinjury state as possible. Manual therapy can be used to reduce pain and inflammation associated with your injury in the acute stage.

Post operative rehabilitation can range from weeks to months depending upon the surgical procedure. The initial post operative stage includes manual therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation, bracing or walking aids and home-based exercises to regain muscle activation and range of motion. Your Physiotherapy will progress you to supervised gym, home based or field-based rehabilitation sessions if you and your Physio deem this appropriate.

Our Physiotherapist are experienced in operative rehabilitation and will tailor your rehabilitation plan to return you back to the sports and activities you enjoy.