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Physiotherapy@Carefirst, the top Pilates practitioner in Taranaki, provides classes tailored to enhance overall body fitness for all age groups.

Our New Plymouth classes feature a series of precise controlled movements that flow seamlessly. Pilates is renowned as a total body workout, yet its core objective is to strengthen specific muscles, such as the abdominal, hip, gluteal, lower and upper back, and inner thigh muscles.

This week, we shift our focus to Pilates and its role in injury prevention.

Pilates promotes proper movement patterns by strengthening all parts of the body, making it an effective way to reduce the risk of injury, strengthen muscles weakened by injury, and prevent the reoccurrence of previous injuries.

How can Pilates assist with injury recovery?

Enhanced Core Strength

The core muscles, including the diaphragm, pelvic floor, spine muscles, and transverse abdominus, are crucial for proper movement. Pilates strengthens these muscles through neuromuscular sequencing, reducing the load on the spine and lowering the risk of injury. This helps the body heal faster from injuries.

Improved Posture and Alignment

Pilates promotes proper alignment and posture, decreasing the strain on the body and enhancing overall performance. Misalignment caused by past injuries can be corrected with Pilates workouts, which focus on strengthening muscles and encouraging the body to support itself properly.

Increased Flexibility

Pilates can be personalized and modified to aid in the healing process of different injuries. Even basic Pilates exercises can improve flexibility by focusing on correct positioning.

Enhanced Body Awareness

Pilates demands intentional and specific movements, improving muscle group targeting and overall control. This strengthens the muscles around the injury, providing additional support and faster recovery.

Apart from injury recovery, Pilates offers many other benefits, including faster recovery for athletes and healing of old injuries. Additionally, Pilates can help prevent injuries and enhance quality of life.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a casual exerciser, preventing injuries should be a top priority. Pilates is an excellent way to enhance your strength, coordination, and balance, which are key elements in reducing your risk of injury.

By combining various aspects of movement with sports-specific techniques, you can significantly lower your chances of getting injured.

At Physiotherapy@Carefirst, our New Plymouth based Intermediate Pilates classes concentrate on building core and glute strength for central stability, as well as coordination for moving different body parts simultaneously.

Although there is no guarantee of zero risk of injury, Pilates can complement your current workout routine to further decrease the likelihood of sustaining injuries. Contact us today to enrol in our Intermediate Pilates class.

Join us for our Intermediate Pilates classes in New Plymouth, starting at 7:00 AM every Tuesday at Barclay Hall (located at 158 Tukapa Street, Westown, New Plymouth). Since spots are limited, make sure to secure your place by clicking here to book your spot. The venue offers plenty of off-street parking for your convenience.