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Pilates is a significant growth activity here New Plymouth. Taranaki locals of all ages have embraced this form of exercise and many are seeing improvements in their general fitness and overall well-being.

Physio@Carefirst is committed to helping and aiding our client’s posture, balance and flexibility. Our Pilates courses are a fantastic opportunity not only to address the above – but also to increase your core strength, energy and motivation levels.

We’ve been listening to our clients and we are going to up our efforts in helping you. We’ll be regularly posting useful information as it relates to Pilates, information that really can help you and we hope that you’ll take the time to have a look at what we are presenting.

Another point that we have addressed is that there is a need for those that have already attended our Beginner Pilates classes but are looking to expand on their understanding and gain further benefits. We realise that there is a genuine need to help those with busy and hectic work schedules, those with children and those early go getters that like to start the day early.

With that in mind, our Intermediate Pilates classes are suitable for those that have enjoyed and experienced the benefits of our beginner Pilates classes but need to get started early.

Our Intermediate Pilates Classes start at 7.00AM Tuesdays at the Barclay Hall (158 Tukapa Street, Westown, New Plymouth).
Spots are limited so be in quick, click here to book your spot.
Note the venue offers ample off street parking.

Is this week’s article we are going to focus on Core Strengthening and how Pilates just might be the answer you are looking for.

Physio@Carefirst’s Physiotherapist Ashleigh Day provides some insights into Pilates and Core Strengthening.

Ashleigh is very committed to Pilates and states that;

One of the key parts of Pilates is the focus on core strength and core control.
The core exercises in a Pilates class are not only the supine leg lifts but also engaging the core in kneeling, seated, and standing positions.

Throughout the day we move and bend in all sorts of positions so it’s important to strengthen the core in different functional positions as well. Another important factor is being able to engage the core muscles and continue to breathe.
If your core muscles are tensing but you’re also holding your breath, the core engagement is not going to last very long.

Ashleigh states that Physio@Carefirst’s Pilates classes focus on building strength in the core in all sorts of positions and working on breathing through these exercises and that if you want to build your core strength, call us to book in your Pilates assessment now!

Next week we’ll be looking Pilates exercise and frequency and analysing if once a week enough?

Well worth a read…